Android 10 released : Top 10 Features

Android 10 released: Top 10 Features

The latest version of Android was released this Wednesday. The new version – ‘Android 10’ will be initially available over Pixel phones. The release focuses on making everyday life easier with features powered by on-device machine learning and supports new technologies like Foldables and 5G. New privacy and security features enable better control over data. 

Following are key highlights of the release 

1. Dark Theme

Aimed towards reducing strain to eyes and save phone battery, Android now enables the entire phone to be set to dark mode. The feature is extended to some google apps like Calendar and Photos.

2. Gesture Navigation

The gestures have been refined for better utilization of larger, edge-to-edge screens and provide a smoother experience. The back button is removed and simple swipes enable various navigations.

3. Smart Reply

Apart from suggesting appropriate responses, this feature recommends appropriate actions for the messages received. So, if a friend asks you out to dinner and shares the address, the phone will suggest you text “👍🏻”. Then, it’ll also open Google Maps to help you with directions. It is available on messaging apps like Signal as well.

4. Live Captions 

All the videos, podcasts and audio messages will display subtitles on request. This feature intends to help those affected with hearing loss or help viewing/listening to the media files in a noisy environment. 

5. Enhanced control over Privacy 

The new version ensures better data privacy, transparency and increased control. Few of the most useful updates under this segment include changes in the way location data is managed in apps, facility to decide what data is stored (like the Web & App activity) and for how long, facility to opt-out of ads retargeting and personalization.

6. Faster Security updates

Android 10 enables faster and easier regular security updates. The updates now would be managed the same way the app updates are handled by Google Play, thus faster and easier implementation of security updates.

7. QR Code for WiFi

The WiFi passwords can be replaced with QR code, thus enabling easier sharing of WiFi connection. 

8. Focus Mode

This feature enables turn-off distracting apps for the desired timeframe i.e. till the Focus mode is on. Thus allowing better focus on the deliverables in-hand.

9. Family Link

The ‘Family Link’ available in the Settings under ‘Digital Wellbeing’ facilitates with control on device usage. Few examples are – control over the daily screen time limits, device bedtime, time limits on specific apps, check on the nature of apps installed and more. 

10. Enhanced control over Notifications

Android 10 enables better and easier control over the display of app notifications. A long press on notifications gives options to keep the notification or turn the notifications silent

There is a whole lot of other changes introduced with Android 10, refer to the following official link for the same. 

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