Learn About Quality Assurance

Quality is intrinsic to the Software Development

Nowadays, whether we’re working, playing, communicating, jogging, watching a movie or just sitting idle, we have an app for each and every activity. How do we feel when our chosen apps start to hang or we encounter some glitch? We get annoyed & just switch to a new app.

Let’s look at another incidence – the case of Ola Cabs – where bugs in their app allowed basic programmers to enjoy unlimited free rides at the expense of Ola or at the expense of genuine customers. Though the company was able to resolve them, it faced long term fallout, lost subscriptions & damage to the brand’s credibility. A stronger quality check could have averted this situation.

We get very impatient because there are so many options available and hence we often don’t give a second chance. That’s where quality becomes very essential.

Competency & Compatibility is need of the hour

Global business, nowadays, is having more digital orientation, that brings more consumer-facing services and applications. Thus the current consumer scenario is getting highly competitive. Users demand more Robust, Reliable and Accessible applications. Quality is very crucial to every development process as constant innovation is at the peak of this digital era.

Know About Quality Assurance Process
Quality Aspects

Customer’s Perspective

In a general way, customer measures the quality through the following factors:-

  • Good UI and Good User Experience (Good Design)
  • Good functionality (It does the job well, Features)
  • Performance (Speed)
  • Reliable (Acceptable level of breakdown or failure)
  • Durable (Lasts as long as it should)
  • Value for money (Cost efficient)

Best Approach to Achieve Quality

The ideal approach is to have a dedicated QA team to proactively address issues and potential bugs in the application during the development phase;  the best phase for addressing functional, performance or security issues. This approach involves:-

  • Maintain a result oriented QA approach with shorter and defined goals
  • Keep QA process ongoing at every sprint of development
  • A transparent system where a QA has clarity of thoughts and requirements
  • Continuous demonstrations to clarify issues
  • Constant reinvention and innovation

How we can achieve such QA practice?

There are standard processes to be followed to achieve the quality of any software. Besides focusing on project requirements, adopting standard processes help in ensuring quality. Following is a generic step by step approach to achieving software quality.

  • First and foremost is to have total clarity on the requirements  
  • Next step is defining the test strategy. Depending on project timelines and cost, automation can be planned from the initial stages itself. Automation helps save cost and effort involved in handling repetitive tasks. Even basic smoke-level testing can be automated
  • Next step is designing exhaustive Test Cases and its reviews
  • Followed by test data preparation using APIs calls or DB scripts for checking various test scenarios
  • Then execution of Smoke and Sanity testing and then full-fledged Regression testing
  • Tracking of reported issues and bugs to closure
  • Finally, when the test cases, are passed without any P0-P1 defect, the product can be handed over based on the definition of done

Why Quality Matters?

The core objective of any deliverable is quality, apart from meeting the business requirements for the reasons cited below:

Customer Satisfaction – increased business and revenue

A quality solution is the basic expectation of any client apart from meeting the implied business function. A quality product helps elevate the customer’s satisfaction and helps bring more business.

User Satisfaction

As stated earlier, with so many options available the user has the liberty to be impatient and not compromise on the desired quality standards. A quality solution always helps in increasing the user base and their comfort level.

Saves cost

Solving software bugs is always costly for the development team, users and clients. A solution build with quality considerations ensures saving cost associated with maintenance and its associated implications.

Increases Productivity

Solutions built with quality processes always help in uplifting the overall productivity of the team, thereby avoiding all unproductive efforts in the development process.

Quality always ensures a win-win situation for every stakeholder.

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