About Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics: Understanding the Unspoken Data that drives Better Consumer Experience

You receive a call and analyze the emotion, tone and stress in a customer’s voice; the reason for the call; satisfaction; data that provides you with Agent QM, Revenue Enhancement, Root Cause Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Cost efficiency, Customer Loyalty etc in a few seconds.

Is this even possible in 8 hours shift? Probably ‘Not’. That’s how collaborative intelligence is playing a bigger role in augmenting human efforts.

What is Speech Analytics? Speech analytics is the process of extracting meaning from audio recordings and analyzing it to find relevant business intelligence.


There’s no doubt that you have hundreds of thousands of calls going in and out of your contact centre every day. Speech Recognition automatically transcribes the conversation into text for near-instant analysis. Speech analytics allows you to understand how sentences are spoken and as a result, unearth their underlying meaning. This grants you the power to understand what kind of calls you’re getting, how your agents are handling the calls, and how the customer felt during the conversation every time.

Customer experience is the driving force behind the most successful businesses these days. And understanding the voice of a consumer can be a catalyst in this direction.

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