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Techment: A Vision that Sparkled Sixfold in 6 Years

“Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, then choose that way with all his strengths.”

Every successful company started with only ‘One Idea’, an idea that sparkled into the minds and ignited the little frenzy of passion to turn into a successful venture. Following the same destiny, an idea came into Mr Manish Agrawal and Mr Somesh Sharma‘s mind to enable fresh engineering graduates from Tier-II cities to find jobs in the IT industry, hence “RTD – Ready to Deploy” program has started in 2013. The program was designed to not just make a talent employable but a deployable resource. We’ve trained 150 students in a year and placed 80% in IT industries across India.

While training these local talents we came across a few high potentials and well deserving candidates, who would prefer to stay close to their parents and build their career. The realization that these Talents did not have enough Local Avenues to meet their Interest became the Turning Point for us and that ‘One Idea’ became our ‘Vision’. We decided to venture into IT product development in 2014 to provide the Local Talents of Chhattisgarh the Platform they required, and this is how Techment was started to lead the IT ecosystem of Central India.

We have started with a team of 3 engineers. We have created an ecosystem to provide the Growth and Learning Opportunities to the Local Talents which was till sometime back only a privilege of the people working in the Metro Cities. We have been successful in setting up a platform for the IT Talents and non-IT Talents to hone their skills and get career growth opportunities akin to metros. We Started working with Floodlight as the partner in North America and started adding more clients across the US. Now, we are one of the foremost IT Company of Central India consisting of 110+ team members with a dedicated bigger office in Bhilai. We recently expanded operations to Bangalore as well, there we have hired a team of 15 senior members with a minimum work experience of 10 years. This expansion has enabled the local Chhattisgarh team to garner necessary exposure in terms of expertise and culture.

The route, we have experienced, we have also been catered by some passionate experts, who had joined us in between. Those experts are our CTO Mr Rupesh Sharma, our CDO Mr Manoj Agrawal, and our Board of Advisors. Under the supervision of our experts and efforts of our dedicated team, we have innovated in Real estate, Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, E-commerce, Sports, Consumer Products, Banking & Finance and we are looking to take a leap into many more domains. Techment leg-up with Agile Methodology as our team works in an iterative process to innovate with simplicity and converting once whiteboard ideas into an enterprise solution.

Techment is determined to have an aggressive growth, we have already grown at ‘Double’ pace. We do not wish to just create new technology intervention or build agile careers, but we envision to create ‘Role Models’ from the Tier-II IT ecosystem.

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